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Mother's Day Decorating Tips and Gift Ideas!


According to, Moms want to indulge in spa days.  Many spas in every city are having special packages for mothers, grandmothers, and wives.  Most gift cards do not expire and sometimes scheduling a day for them ensures that they set aside much needed time for themselves rather than watching the gift certificate go unused.  Number two on the poll is flowers!  My mother's number one favorite.  Every year I send my mom roses or sunflowers (her favorites) or a combination of both.  Usually I am extremely nervous entrusting safe delivery of high quality flowers to a fellow floral designer.  My mother knows her flowers and plants.  I grew up with lilac bushes, wild tulips, violets and roses surrounding my home and yard. Just like any child, you want your mother's approval!


This mother's day week, I will be floral designing for luncheons, charity events, tea parties and just plain "I love you Mom, Grandmother, and Wife." special high-end custom floral arrangements.  Listening to client's requests, it's enlightening to hear about what they want for their mother-figure or what she may want.  Some want exotic arrangements with irises, tiger lilies, ginger and birds of paradise.  Others want European garden style arrangements with various white, cream and blush colored floral with bells of Ireland, roses, tulips and stock. Some want happy arrangements with colorful roses or bright gerbera daisies with smiley face balloons and chocolates.  Then there are the various plants like gorgeous orchids, gardenias, African violets and lilies.  I've even had requests for a succulent garden basket for those with allergies.  One of most memorable events was designing an entire table of faux desserts made from flowers. Cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts, lollipops and more all made of flowers.  In between the sensory delight were real desserts flowing seamlessly as the guests spent more time photographing than tasting!  


Most women love it when you figure them out without them telling you.  This could definitely be a tall order at times so take a look at their wardrobe.  Is it modern, classic, eccentric, or exotic?  Look at the books they read.  Are they romantic, adventurous, funny, bright, self-help, hopeful?  How do they like to spend their free time? Shopping, yoga, Pilates, sleeping, spas, massages, biking or travelling? Match who they are with the perfect floral arrangement and schedule an event for them.  Many times gift certificates go unused so starting with a date and time with an option for mom to change it puts the pampering in motion.  


So still at a loss?  Start off your Sunday with a lovely brunch at her favorite spot or take her to high tea as a special treat.  More of a homebody? Decorate the entire home with various household containers full of beautiful blooming flowers.  Use cookie jars, glasses, pots, pans, bowls and anything from the norm.  Take a cloth napkin, tie with a fabric bow and slip a flower in there for an extra touch.  Add bright flower baskets throughout the home and yard.  Want to bring the spa to Mom?  Numerous bath and body retail stores have gift baskets of luxurious soaps, body washes, lotions and candles to transform her bathroom into a spa suite.  Want something a little more personal?  Craft something with great ideas and step-by-step instructions from the master craftswoman herself, Martha Stewart.  Her craft ideas and instructions can be found here.  


Most of all, don't forget to tell her you love her.  In fact, put it in writing with the perfect card.  Oh, and just in case you wanted to know, jewelry came in third on poll of what mothers really want for mother's day.  Have a wonderful time and make sure it is fun for both of you.  In the end, a mother always wants happiness for their loved ones.


Planning an event for Mom?  We can help design the perfect event.  Check out a couple of our most recent floral creations with more to come.


A mother's happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.  Happy Mother's Day to All! 


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Wall Coverings: Papers, Vinyl, Textiles, Clays, Plasters, Glitter & Glass!


While working on my current project, I've realized that wall coverings have come a long way in popularity, variety and price. I recently wrote up an estimate for a luxury silk wall coverings for one wall that cost over $4k.  My client asked me if it was crazy to spend that much on one wall that was a third of the way covered by an armoire. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "It depends on how much you want the look.  But there are other options." Yes, there are a lot of options out there.  I am finding that anything is custom, everywhere and there is always a lower priced similiar version that may give you a similiar look and feel.  But once again, luxury is quality and there is a reason the price is steep.  As I tell all my clients, with time and money, we can make anything happen.


Among the material options, one can turn just about anything into wall paper or a wall covering.  As long as you have the right backing with the right adhesive plus someone who knows how to hang it properly, the materials are endless. Acrylic, Bamboo, Brass, Canvas, Clay, Copper, Cork, Embossed Paper, Fabric, Glass beads, Grass cloth, Leather, Metal, Natural Fiber, Paper, Paper-backed Fabric, Plaster, Recycled Glass, Recycled Material, Sand, Stainless Steel, Stone, Synthetic Vinyl, Vinyl-coated Paper and there are sub-categories for all the aforementioned!  My thoughts on materials are that one must consider the style of the room and if the walls are prepped to handle the coverings being attached.  Some materials have more flexibility in customization and installation than others. Plus, price can vary drastically from reasonably priced paper of $40 dollars a roll to high end luxury textiles that can run around $300 per roll or more.  Plasters and Clays can also be either cost efficient or luxe depending on the complexities but also can now be custom in color, texture and style.  


So are there too many options? Perhaps for the cookie cutter designers, but for a visionary, never. Recently, I visited the Warner Brothers Studio Drapery Department.  It was extraordinary candy store for designers to learn from.  Every period, color and style was represented.  In speaking with the drapery supervisor, anything is possible and manufacturers are willing to cater in any way you need at the right price.  You can find a fabric, material, or dream up a finish and it can be customized to fit your wall.  In the movie industry, you need all your resources to adhere to the film's integrity and creative vision.  Think about all the fabrics in each scene next time you watch a film.  The amount of dressing can be a dizzying list of upholstery, drapery, wall coverings, floor coverings, beddings, pillows, tablecloths, and much more.  Your head will spin from the list of specificities to make a design truly complete. It should also make you appreciate the set decorator’s job to find everything the art director/production designer requires.  This is no different from high end residential clients I work with on a regular basis.  Therefore, visionary designers, production designers and art directors will find their options to be endless.  You dream it, someone will create it.


When considering wall coverings, whether it be wall paper, venetian plaster, faux finishes, textiles and more, always consider the budget, time, labor, complexity, permanency, color options, materials and the style of the room. Creative designers will continue to find fresh and inventive ways of using it as it is no longer reserved strictly for the walls.  With every option manufacturers have to offer, designers will have the resources to explore the ways wallpaper can be used to accent a room, highlight a particular feature, or demarcate one area from another. In many ways, wall coverings will become the art in the room.  If you still think you know wallpaper and wall coverings, think again.  We can show you how.  More to come in my next article or contact us to get your walls started.

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